Get a Bot for your work.


Bot Studio

Transform your business with autonomously. Deep Learning Algorithms that analyze and work as your new generation of employees.

Digital Employees

These Employees don't sleep.they dont eat.they dont slack off.They work 24/7.

Robots On Cloud

Run your own process in your local computers. Or use cloud for running multiple computers at once.

Save Time & Money

Evaluate your Applications, Audit, Logging, Quality and Error Control and more. Save precious time.

Suitable for any Job

Providing the most intuitive and flexible feature, create & upgrade any kind of business.

Hire your robot employees today.

With Machine Learning technology, it analyzes your all process.It suggest your routines to autonomous bot processes. Write Scripts for yourself. Schedule it for yourself.Do it for yourself.

Easy Master Data Management

EMDM is a platform that can create enterprise applications at least 10 times fasterw without a single line of code All UserInterface and database tables are created automatically. All the data processes in every single forma re created by the engine.

10X Faster

EMDM is a platform that can create enterprise applications at least 10 times faster without a single line of code.

Managed easy

All the data processes in every single form (Insert,Update,Delete,List) are created from the Platform.


EMDM's got your back! All extras can be done in minutes without any need of change of code which saves you time and keeps your money in your pockets.

Ready Big Data

Every module can store millions of rows. It's tested on with bigdata. Performence tuning balanced autonomously.

Document Archive

Bind any kind of document to any record. As such as documents, images or even videos.

Reader Bots

ReaderBots can Read E-mails, SMS or Twitter hashtags and write into your EMDM application. With this record you can create any business process.

Give it a try

Use it on the Cloud or even on promise your servers. Customizable forms and applications are ready to use.