Bot Studio

Transform your business with autonomously. Deep Learning Algorithms analyzes and works as your new generation employees.

Digital Employees

This Employees don't sleep and even they don't get hungry, They work 7 day and 24 hours.

Robots On Cloud

Run your own process in your local computers. Or use Cloud for running multiple computers.

Save Time & Money

Evaluation of Application, Audit, Logging, Quality and Error Control and more. Save Time , Save from Employees, Save Money.

Suitable for any Job

Providing the most intuitive and Flexibility feature, create & upgrade any kind of business.

Analyzes your business

With Machine Learning technology, it analyzes your all process.It suggest your routines to autonomous bot processes. Write Scripts for yourself. Schedule it for yourself.Do it for yourself.

Visual Designer & Schedular

You can design your own processes with Visual Designer without a single line of code. Schedule any job into any sequance

Introducing RobotScript©

With the power of RobotScript© which based on Javascript you can develop your own most complex business easily. It's easy to use. hundreds of ready scripts on the library


	bot.SendKeys('My Company Name',Enter);
	var text = bot.Browser.text;
	var result = bot.SendMail('','Todays subjects','C:\Documents\Google.txt');
	if (result)